Every year I typically choose a word to focus on for the duration of the year.
Last year, I didn’t.  And the year showed for it.
A lot of great things happened last year.  I really can’t complain.
But overall, the year just felt so sporadic, unorganized, and vision-less.
This year, I have two words: Consistency and Character.
These words were borne out of a desire to just spend this year focusing on the four gospels of the Bible, nothing else.
Last year, I realized that I don’t read about the Person I’m supposed to be emulating nearly as often as I read the other parts of the Bible. 
So this year, I’m choosing to spend three months on each Gospel.
And because I’m focusing on Christ this year, I am choosing to focus on goals that improve or strengthen my character.  I also chose the word “consistency” because in many areas of Christ’s life, He was consistent.  It also is foolhardy to start a goal if I’m not going to be consistent in it, especially where my character is concerned. 
So my goals may be small this year.
They may not make sense to others. (How did she get “character” out of that one!?)  I’m not going to go into reasons why I chose certain things and not others.
But they’re here.
And I hope to emerge from 2012 a woman who is consistently more like Christ in her character.
1. Do one “creative” act each day, and finish the creative acts I start. 
2. Read three “big” books: an encyclopedia of healthy cooking techniques, a world history volume, and a book about educational methods.
3. Complete two “years'” worth of my Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish curriculum as a refresher. 
4. Recycle more. (We’ve downsized our trash service to force this issue.) 
5. Eat nutritiously, avoiding high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and trans fats.
6. Exercise consistently.  Run three 5Ks, one with my sister and mother. 
7. _______________________ (personal goal about scripture memory that I don’t feel the need to share in detail.) 
Seven is a good number to stop at.  
We have some exciting things planned for 2012.  
Thanks for sticking with us through the end of 2011.
We appreciate you!