Our First Project: New Wall Oven

Our First Project: New Wall Oven

This is a Craigslist find: a stainless steel double wall oven (convection and conventional). We found it for $2149 cheaper than it sells for new. We’ll be picking it up tomorrow and replacing the single wall oven that was installed in our house in 1976 (as I always say, pictures forthcoming…bear with me, we’re in the midst of a move.)

The only issue foreseeable is: we have a single wall oven and a hole where a very large microwave was in the 1960’s right above it. I don’t anticipate that being an issue, but it will be interesting to pull some of the cabinetry back.

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I do still think in sentences and complete, coherent thought occasionally. It’s just harder to formulate them while we’re in the midst of some upheaval. Friday is the day that we theoretically close on our new house, so expect some blogs eventually.  For now, it’s just easier to slap some photos up here, …