Once upon a time… Errrrrr…. A month ago, we went to China for the adoption of our son.  At some point during our time there, a hacker got into Those Kinds of People and deleted every database we had.  We were left with nothing from the last year and a half.  We have backups of our older blogs, but nothing of the last year on this special little webspace.  While we were slightly saddened, we also took a chance to rejoice in this new, fresh start.

After all, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” 

Let me take this chance to reintroduce “those kinds of people.”


Hello, there, I’m Heather.  I’m filled to the brim with ideals and big thoughts and a lot of dreams.  I love books, yarn, color, flavor, poetry, and learning new things.  And tea parties. I’m an idealist visionary married to a man with an entrepreneurial bent.  We’re often doing crazy things that most people wouldn’t imagine doing or care to do.  “Let’s try it!” is heard quite often in our house.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Here are the munchkins.

Current ages: 3, 2, 1, and 6. Call us crazy.

Along the way, we’ve picked up many hobbies and business side ventures: spinning wool into yarn, gardening, woodworking, candlemaking, selling books, pursuing natural healthcare, and many many more.  For a few years we raised chickens in our backyard.  An old friend heard that we were urban farming with chickens, and he cried out… “Oh, so you’re THOSE kinds of people, now, are you?”  Hence our blog name.

For the past three years, we’ve known that God wants us on the mission field in France.  Now that our adoption is complete, we are earnestly pursuing the relocation of our family.  We will be working with International Association For Refugees, providing hope and dignity to forcibly displaced people in northern France.

We’ve begun homeschooling our children, utilizing Charlotte Mason’s methodologies, and we’ve found a beautiful mix of quality literature, appreciation of beauty, nature study, and life lived well.

Chill October by John Everett Millais
Chill October by John Everett Millais

Why do I write?  Well, for a long time it was journalling about family life or about projects we were doing.  A newsletter, if you will, or free self-therapy—an outlet.  I’ve grown as a person, though, and I’d really love to be able to use my writing to give light and life to others. My desire is for you to find a scrap of beauty for your soul in every single post.  By studying beauty and goodness, we can see glimpses of God’s character.  That’s why I write.  I want you to be filled with truth and goodness and in turn be bearers of light and influence the stories of many more.

Because stories are worth telling.

“Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Begin at the beginning. Tell Gregory a story. Make some light.”

~ The Tale of Despereaux, Kate DiCamillo

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