A Case for Creative Efforts

1. People don’t value home-made items as previous generations did.
2. Kids don’t learn creative skills as they once did.
Does it follow then that it is pointless to intentionally teach kids the skills that came so easily to generations long ago, as no one is properly able to appreciate it?
This was our car conversation tonight.  It began with a simple idea.  When I was younger, my aunts all made home-made cross-stitch pieces or handmade Christmas decorations as gifts.  These showed their love and effort for my family.  Now, it’s almost considered a social faux pas to give a handmade Christmas gift, as it’s considered “cheap” and not what the recipient ACTUALLY wants.
I posed this question to Michael:  is it just our generation (and the one younger?) Or has consumerism and the ability to order whatever you want and have it delivered to your house defeated creativity in America?  Why would you spend $275 on a homemade quilt when you could buy a comforter made in another country that looks nearly the same for $29?  (I have a lot to say on that….but moving on.)  This was our conversation.
Michael brought up that in many spheres America has lost what use to be a striving for excellence.

We are satisfied with subpar.  

My, is this evident in so many areas, now that he put words to it.

As a Christian, I am called to excellence in what is good.

Creativity, homemaking, mothering, thought, speech, hospitality, teaching my children, encouraging.  These are all GOOD areas that I dabble in during my daily life, although I don’t think I could claim Excellence (with a capital E) in any of them.  I tend to be a Jack of all trades, master of none.  And many other young moms also experience even wider arenas of influence in the culture around them.  Are we, as Christians, pursuing what is excellent?
These and more are thoughts that are flouncing about in my head tonight.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  Has consumerism killed handicraft?  How can we become more excellent in what is good?




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