I like to think that in two weeks I’ll be a sane, rational, and organized person.
I’ve had activities planned every weekend since sometime in February.
And beginning on May 5th, I have few activities planned (and very little desire to add any to my calendar.)
Except for camping.
We’re going to start camping—actual, real-life tent camping with the boys—this year.

We’ll start small.  Probably only a few weekends.  Maybe culminating in a four-day trip up to Duluth to see some lighthouses. Michael has grand ambitions of taking Million fishing a few times.
Good for him.
I’ll be with Creedence…eating grilled chicken.  Or bacon. 

Camping is something that we weren’t able to rationalize when we had BonAmi.  Why would we pay money for someone to watch a dog so we could go somewhere else and pay to sleep on the hard ground for one night?

We want to start the kids out young in order that traveling becomes a way of life for our family–so by the time we have several kids in school and we want to take an educational family adventure, we’ll have a proven guaranteed-or-your-money-back system on how our family travels.

So we’re looking for the best tent for our family. 
And only the most necessary accoutrements.

It has been seven years since I’ve slept outside in a tent.  This could prove interesting.
(I am NOT looking forward to any middle-of-the-night bathroom trips with Million.  That will be Michael’s job.)

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