This is just an excerpt of a poem that touched my heart dearly during some of the most intense dark days of our wait to bring Million home.

You can read the whole of it here.

from The Eternal Goodness


I know not what the future hath


Of marvel or surprise,


Assured alone that life and death


His mercy underlies.


And if my heart and flesh are weak


To bear an untried pain,


The bruised reed he will not break,


But strengthen and sustain.


No offering of my own I have,


Nor works my faith to prove;


I can but give the gifts he gave,


And plead his love for love.


And so beside the silent sea


I wait the muffled oar;


No harm from him can come to me


On ocean or on shore.


I know not where his islands lift


Their fronded palms in air;


I only know I cannot drift


Beyond his love and care.

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