It’s been three weeks since my last book list post, which corresponds with the three weeks school has been “in session” for three of our kids.  We usually school year-round, beginning in May.  But the oldest two wanted to try out summer vacation and starting school in the fall to be like “the other kids.”  I opted to let them try it this year.

Not two weeks into our “vacation,” they were begging for school again, because they missed the rhythms and patterns of learning and life.  So my lesson has been learned, although I had (foolishly) left some of my school planning for next year to my (now non-existent) summer break.

This year, my goal with my kids’ school is to help them behold Christ.  I recently heard a lecture which reminded me that we become what we behold.

And that is my job as an educator, to provide an atmosphere of grace, an atmosphere that leads them to behold Christ.

So it has required a few changes to our daily routines, a few changes to how and what we choose to add to our school (and what we chose to cull from our list this year.)

In Christian classical education, there is an emphasis on what are called the transcendentals, truth, beauty, and goodness, because God is the ultimate source of truth, beauty, and goodness.  How the transcendentals direct the different areas of classical study is a fascinating study if you ever get the time to look into it.

I’ve elected to mingle classical education’s focus on the transcendentals with Charlotte Mason’s methodologies this year. (Some would argue that Charlotte Mason was a classical educator, but that’s neither here nor there.  The point is, I’m learning as an educator and growing and being transformed.) With Million’s school this year, I’m yet again realizing everything that I didn’t learn, so I’m having to take many notes as I go into the school year so I can present the material well. He will begin his schoolyear properly next Monday, and I’m hoping to get all of the pre-reading done in advance. Yay, Renaissance and Age of Exploration! This makes for an exhausted brain at the end of the day.


Other things going on in my brain: I listened to a fascinating lecture by Andrew Kern on Socratic Discussion.  (Really, the title sounds much more boring than it was.  There was so much depth in the lecture that I took four pages of notes. And I’ve been talking Michael’s ear off about it ever since. Thanks, sweetie!)  I also recently read a beautiful interview with Wendell Berry that I wanted to print out in its entirety, but my printer complained.  In our evenings, Michael and I are listening to Stephen Fry read the entire set of Sherlock Holmes.  We’re two hours in with 74 hours to go.  Wish us luck!

How have you been filling your mind lately?  Have you read any good books?

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