I tried making some pillar candles last night.  I ended up waxing my floor a lovely shade of light green instead.

Go ahead, laugh.

I used to make candles for a business we owned.  It has been four years, but still.  I thought I had it all together.  Let me explain: I used to make container candles in cute little containers like this.

I’d never before tried pillar candles.  But I was on a cleaning ROLL.  I mean, my floors were mopped, the top of my refrigerator was cleaned.  All the laundry was done.

I wanted pillar candles, because my old supplier no longer sells candles.

I thought the processes would be similar enough.  I had the molds and the pins used to create the hole for the wicks.  I still had wax, the scents and dyes and wick and stickers, and EVERYTHING you need to make an everloving candle.

But not the skills.

Those.  Those were lacking.

And so my floor ended up with coriander lime green wax all over them and needed re-mopping.

There are some things in life that should be left to professionals.  I’m not sure if this is one of them.  I may give it a go again sometime soon.  For now, consider me completely humbled in the candlemaking department.

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