A bit of a note

Three coats of stain on the main bedframe, I think we are going to call it good.  I would prefer a teeny bit darker, but I know wood darkens with age.  So we’re going to poly it up tomorrow  (wild Friday nights around here, I tell you…) and then I’ll get some pictures up.  The Handyman has yet to finish the drawers, but we would like to be sleeping on a bed.  We’ve been sleeping on either an air mattress or our mattress on the floor for about six weeks. 

We had a “slight” plumbing issue that the previous owners failed to disclose.  It ended up delaying us by about three or four days.

Now, I’m still in the process of unpacking.  Always unpacking.  Like Narnia.  Always winter, never Christmas.

Here is a little link to a shower curtain I found on Etsy today that I’d love. 

And I just realized tonight that people actually sell front exterior doors on Craigslist.  Seriously.  Another thing for me to look for.  I’m looking for one with character.  And paintable.  I haven’t decided if we’re going yellow, aqua, or orange for our front door yet.  Perhaps a future post on that one.

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