May begins our new school year, and I’ve been diligently finalizing plans, getting my playlists ready, and laminating.

This year’s artists are:

Winslow Homer

Peter Paul Rubens 

James Whistler

I’ve got six to eight prints for each of these artists laminated and at the ready for school to begin.

The composers that we’ll be using for the school year are:

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf

Arcangelo Corelli & Georg Philipp Telemann

Aaron Copland & George Gershwin

The only note I have on these composers are that the kids have already been exposed to a lot of Copland.  Last year, when we went to Yellowstone, I did a Copland primer with them, to get them in an Americana mood.  Because of this, I’ll be just repeating some songs that they’re already familiar with, as a reminder.

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