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“God does not make all the moves for us.  He provides the means to discipline.”

 When I first opened this book, I did so with a spirit of caution, hesitancy.

You don’t just open a book called “Discipline: The Glad Surrender” in a “roly-poly, pell-mell, tumble-bumble” fashion.

I knew it would be a convicting book even before I opened it.  I knew it was necessary. But I didn’t realize how necessary.

Elisabeth Elliot was a world-renowned Christian authoress, made famous by her first husband’s death and her faith and response to the situation.  In this book, originally written in 1982, Elisabeth addresses many areas of life that need discipline.   I haven’t taken quotes of each section of the book, just a few.  She also provides encouragement for the reasons behind living a disciplined life and the spiritual process of undergoing the changes that must be made.

Discipline of the Body

“We cannot give our hearts to God and keep our bodies for ourselves.”

“Dull sloth is natural.  Human beings haven’t changed much in the whole of human history.  So….might we not ask God for His help in being joyful makers of sacrifice?”

Discipline of the Mind

“Rejection of authority reduces everything to matters of taste.  Where there is no absolute, there is only fashion.”

Discipline of Time

“Worry is refusing the given.  Today’s care, not tomorrow’s is the responsibility given to us, apportioned in the wisdom of God.”

Discipline of Possessions

“Thanksgiving requires the recognition of the Source.  It implies contentment with what is given, not complaint about what is not given.  It excludes covetousness.  The goodness and love of God chose the gifts, and we say thank you, acknowledging the Thought Behind as well as the thing itself.”

Discipline of Work

“Interest and challenge can always be found in any task done for God.” 

Discipline of Feelings

“It is Christ who is to be exalted, not our feelings.  We will know Him by obedience, not by emotions.  Our love will be shown by obedience, not by how good we feel about God at a given moment.”

I absolutely recommend this book.  It will not be a pleasant read, but Elisabeth’s writing style is conversational and easy to read.  If you at all invest your mind and heart into this book, you’ll come away wanting to know God more deeply and obey him more fervently and completely.

What areas of your life do you feel you need the most discipline in?


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