Tonight we read Goodnight Moon thirty odd times in a row.
This is a breakthrough.
He must have gotten sick of Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb after we read it 15 times.
Hardy har har.
You just try reading that book 15 times.
Dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum.

I was surprised when he handed Margaret Wise Brown’s book to me and said “book, pwee!” because he’s always hated Goodnight Moon until now.  (Let alone I was surprised he remembered his “please” considering his crabbiness and misbehaviour due to his surgery.)
It didn’t have a good rhyme for him.
But tonight he fell in love.

I think he enjoys it because of the words he knows in it: kitten, mitten, brush, cow, moon, sock, mouse, balloon, light, bear, chair, etc.
He also likes to pretend he is the little old lady whispering “hush.”

And Clement Hurd’s illustrations are such that I don’t mind reading a book 30-odd times in a row.  There is always something new.  For instance, are you aware that the clock on the mantle changes times, and the moon rises in the sky in accord with the clock?  I learned that awhile ago when I was writing some preschool curriculum and found this fun webpage.
I also just noticed now that the red balloon is missing in the first illustration I posted.  
That just means that tomorrow I’ll have to go through the book again.  
I don’t think Million will mind.
I might even show him this movie with Susan Sarandon’s narration as a special treat tomorrow.  (It’s really a cute one, but I couldn’t embed it.)
Goodnight, moon.