With this snap of slightly cooler weather, it’s the perfect day to cozy up in an afghan.  I’m getting cozy myself, having inherited a virus from my lovely daughter.  Water bottles, tea, and no talking on the docket.  I think I’ll listen to a few podcasts tonight and read a book.  And then maybe crochet some more.

I finished up a granny stripe afghan for Million a few days ago and have a few more afghans in the works soon.  He chose all of the colors from my scrap pile with the specific request that the border NOT be black or navy blue.  I offered him white or grey (because I’m that sort of person.)  And he emphatically requested fire engine red for the border.  Creedence had a granny stripe afghan made for him last year that I could have sworn was on this blog somewhere, but I’m not finding it right now.  They’re quite different, as Creedence chose all of the HOT PINK colors before Million could get a chance.

These kids, I tell you.

Million loved having had the chance to choose because the last afghan I made for him was before he was even in Minnesota.  I’m making repairs on that one in the next week or two.

I switched over to using an “ergonomic” crochet hook halfway through this afghan, and it slowed me down quite a bit.  I still haven’t got the hang of it yet, but I’ve got a good start on another afghan with an ergonomic hook, and I have great intentions of learning to love it.

I’ll be making this afghan for Jubilee (her first full-sized afghan! She does love granny squares.) and this one for Aslan. (A long story why he’s getting another afghan so soon…We’ll just chalk it up to the feeling that it’s just necessary for both me and him at this point.)  I’m also making socks for all of the kids for Christmas.  I did find some darling embroidery patterns on Etsy that I would love to make sometime soon, but they may have to wait until after Christmas.

Yesterday, as Million was sitting on the couch, he launched into an entire diatribe (and business plan) about how the world needs more homemade objects, and our family ought to be the catalyst for that, and how consumerism has defeated ideals.  I wonder where he gets those thoughts from?  (slight sarcasm… because obviously.) When he talks, he doesn’t often require a response, and as my throat was in the beginning stages of scratchiness, I just chose to listen and see how far he went with it. It was humbling to see all of the conversations that Michael have when we think kids aren’t listening.  And it’s a healthy reminder to me to make sure that my conversations are always God-honoring and uplifting, *especially* when they concern ideals and whether or not our culture is meeting them.  (Ahem, politics.)

Have you got any exciting crafts or fall-time hobbies lined up?  We’ve had our second or third batch of fall applesauce, and I’m refraining from pumpkin for a couple more weeks because I’m holding onto summer for all I can right now.

Until next time!



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