This is probably one of those posts that is more for me than for anyone else. With homeschooling, I’m constantly questioning if I’m doing what is best for my children. This is just one of the eighty billion scenarios that I probably obsess too much over. However, it was freeing to make this decision, and it’s working well for us.

I recently made a decision that our youngest would learn handwriting a little differently than the boys all have (or are) learning. Her small motor skills are impeccable, and she basically taught herself how to print all of the basic block letters. She also has a thing for “fancy.”

So I did go ahead and buy her a copybook with D’Nealian script instead of the Zaner-Bloser script that the boys all learned/are learning with. Here’s a bit of a view how they’re different.

Zaner-Bloser on left, D’Nealian on right (both workbooks from Simply Charlotte Mason)

She is very excited about this new challenge for her, and would gladly work through the entire workbook in one sitting. However, I’m only allowing her to work on one page a day. She also is declaring that she wants to learn to read. As she knows all of her letters, she might be ready, but I don’t want to push her into anything so young.

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