Here I am, nearly done with novel month.  My mind cannot compose a comprehensible blog post right now, so you’ve got the dregs.

We’ve got some fun things in store for the next few months.
1. School.  It’s official.  I’ve ordered the books and all.
2. Chickens.
3. Reopening our crate Etsy store.
4. Opening another Etsy store.
5. Gardening.
6. Our cupcake sale.
7. The spring flood of birthdays, weddings, and baby showers.

I also have a nephew and an as-yet undetermined being born this summer.  Our baby would have been sandwiched between them, so it’s sometimes a painful reminder. But sometimes it’s a pleasant reminder that God knows exactly what He’s doing.  On the days when it’s painful, I get to squish my two adorable boys’ faces and squeeze them and be grateful for the lovely gifts that God has given me to cherish and nurture here on earth.  But it’s exciting to once again prepare the boys for the advent of another cousin.

Made this jingle bell block yesterday during Creedence’s nap, while Million ate his lunch.

And since I’m behind in blogging, I should probably mention that I made some cupcakes for a baby shower on Sunday.

Michael artfully arranged them.  Because he’s funny like that.  And because I’m not a detail person.

I am so looking forward to next month, because workouts have not been happening with as much frequency since I decided to write a novel this month, and I’m seeing negative physical effects from my laziness. 

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