I know quite a few of you are beginning homeschooling or considering it for the first time this year.  I went back through the recesses of what remains of this blog to try to find what remains of my earlier homeschooling posts.  I’ve been intentionally planning my kids’ education for 9 years now, so sometimes I forget how overwhelming the homeschool “pool” is when you first dip your toes in.


I think what I wanted to share today was that things will never go perfectly.  Kids will tear papers, accidentally set your morning time on fire (sometimes even literally…), and potty training additional children will feel like the depths of despair. But the days are beautiful moments and memories strung together.

I hope that I never paint a portrait of days without squabbles or sin.  Because we’re a family of sinners here.  We just happen to home educate, and it happens to work really well for our family.
Here are a few posts about organizational tools or books that I could find:

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