Not my favorite.  Probably not yours, either.

However, unless you’re an exhibitionist or a paid model for a collegiate art class (I was friends with a person who was one of those for several years, so no judgement here), you’re going to need clothes.

So laundry it is.

Just this week, I made a change to my laundry situation that has made doing this chore so much more delightful than it was previously.  I switched up the laundry scent.  Simple as that, right?

Nope. (If it is for you, I’m so delighted!)

Three out of four children and one parent in our family have skin sensitivities or conditions, so we can’t just go out and buy scented detergents.  We use detergent that is free of any scents, dyes, or softeners.  But the clothes just don’t smell fresh, when we’re done.

In the past, I’d half-heartedly added some Jade Lemon essential oil to the laundry and used it on our wool dryer balls, but I never did it consistently.  And lemon didn’t smell like clean laundry to me.  It smelled like clean floors and cupboards.

So I switched it up.  I earned a free bottle of lavender essential oil last month, and so I put it to good use in my laundry area.  And it smells just like heaven.

The boys are going crazy about this new scent of laundry in the best of ways.  The two that can physically carry their baskets have brought their baskets to the laundry room and are wanting me to wash their clothes and bedding.  Only downside to the whole thing is that they’re wanting their clothes washed so often that I haven’t gotten a chance to wash my own laundry yet.  I’d best go do that right now!

I just wanted to write this down to remind you that sometimes the best fixes aren’t monumental.  You don’t have to change EVERYTHING that you’re doing.  Just a little tweak here and there, and you’ll find out what you love.  It will click.  And when it does, it will be so, so beautiful.

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