Oh dear.
I suppose this should have been obvious to me, but Christmas with a toddler is QUITE different than Christmas as a two-jobs, no-kids couple.
We are suffering from what we call “Christmas Carnage” today.
There is not a room in our house that is not in full-fledged chaos.

I can’t quite recover within one day like I usually can.
It’s not that I overdid Christmas.
In fact, we only made one kind of Christmas cookie this year, compared to my usual seven or eight, and the cookies were all consumed by Tuesday.

We didn’t get our annual jammie picture.
We didn’t finish watching a single Christmas movie that we started.
We didn’t even really eat our traditional Christmas breakfast together, as Michael was leading worship, so I handed it to him as he rushed out the door.
We didn’t finish our advent chain.  We missed the last four days.
We didn’t do a lot of the things I was imagining might occur in the Hallmark Christmas I imagined in my head.

We mingled our Christmas Chaos with an elective but medically beneficial surgery for Million the Friday before Christmas.  We officially won the mean parents of the year award.
The surgery coupled with two long days of Christmas with extended family (and PRESENTS!) made him alternatingly crabby and loopy from the pain meds.
He likes to point to his “owie owie” and make it known that he is suffering.

So Christmas was different with a toddler.

For a teeny glimpse into a small portion of my family’s Christmas, you can read my sister-in-law’s blog about going over to my little sister’s house. (Why reinvent the wheel, when her post has already been written so beautifully?)

Christmas thank-you notes will take me a lot longer this year.
Last year I had them out the day afterwards.
Ahem.  Yes.  We’re shooting for sometime before January, because postage goes up then.
Million scored big this year.
Which is both fortunate and unfortunate.
Unfortunate, because I didn’t write down which person gave him which item.
Until my next post, we’re spending time in full-fledged recovery, under a pile of laundry, dishes, and thank-you notes.


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