Happy snowy-ish day from our home to yours!

Yesterday we had our first sticking snow of the year, but the kids weren’t able to get out in it.  This morning, they romped and played for over an hour while the snow melted away.


We had to read some snowy poetry like this one from Robert Frost.


Rosemary Wreaths are a Fun Natural Handicraft

This afternoon, we did two crafts:

  1. Rosemary wreaths– The rosemary wreaths turned out really well for us.  All it took was a little twine, some rosemary and….. duct tape.  I know, I know, florist’s wire or tape would be better.  But, it just wasn’t happening this morning.  So I cut little slivers of duct tape for the boys.  Some of their wreaths turned out well.  Others struggled a little in the aesthetic department.  However, the big boys both enjoyed doing such an easy (and fast) craft that looked beautiful and smelled fantastic.  img_8300img_8301img_8304
  2.   Twig & fabric scrap Christmas trees. The twig & fabric scrap Christmas trees turned into a big fat Pinterest fail.  Something about trying to cut fabric with four kids who all want fabric at the same time and all want each other’s fabrics.  I did not think that through well.

I’m toying with attempting these cute little popsicle stick sled ornaments, but given my recent history with glue gun injuries, I should probably abstain!

Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas Day, and it will be our first year celebrating it as a family.  The kids have never “believed in Santa,” but in recent years, we’ve found that teaching historical narratives of people with good character is beneficial.  So we’ll be celebrating both Saint Nicholas Day and Saint Lucia Day this year.  This morning I read this book to the children.


Yesterday, while I was at a meeting, the kids watched “Buck Denver: Why Do We Call It Christmas?” and learned a little bit about Saint Nicholas and why our culture has Christmas and “Santa” confused.

Tonight, we’ll be putting out the kids’ stockings, and they’ll wake up to some oranges and some chocolate coins.

Does your family celebrate Saint Nicolas Day? 


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