I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  In her January month of her project was the “leave nothing undone that you can do in less than a minute” strategy.  I rarely say things dramatically like “you have to try this; it will change your life.”  I leave that to people more inclined to exaggeration or with apparent need and appreciation of many minor life changes.  But I can say that this strategy, along with the detailed discussions Michael and I have had to have due to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, has brought about a lot more peaceful order to my daily rhythm.  Instead of moving a piece of paper to the dining room table, only to resent that piece of paper three days later, I can either file or throw the piece of paper immediately.  Astounding concept, I know, but I’ve found it so helpful.

In this moment, Michael is bathing Million.

I’m sitting downstairs menu planning and grocery-list writing.
A pot of Ethiopian coffee is on for Michael’s consumption after boy is in bed.
We have a list of jobs to work on for our business tonight.
We have instrumental music playing.
The laundry is running.
The dishes are clean.
We have clean sheets on our bed.
The floor has been swept.
Fresh gingersnaps are in a container close by.
I need to decide what to do with the free squash we got today at church.
We’re both all set for a very busy week and cherishing the moments of solitude we get tonight.
We’re so grateful.

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