The leaves are beginning their final round of descent.  It’s the perfect time of autumn, after the peak, when everything is a waiting game.  Everything is quiet and still…. A time of preparation.

It is these times of preparation that I find myself needing to be more and more intentional about what I do and how I do it.  And why I do it.pexels-photo-179768

Here is my life-hack that I so cleverly created last night.

Ready for it?

Because it’s astounding.

Get your gear together because you’re going to be digging deep.  Soul wrenching.

Maybe even a box of Kleenex might be necessary.

Get your paper and write down the following:


(fill in the blank.)

There you are.

Write it down, folks.  Heather will win the Nobel Award for Mothering, should that category ever be added in the esteemed hall of celebration.

After I wrote down about ten things on the list, I took today to work on or commune with the things or people that were on that list today.  My day feels more balanced.  I’m ending the evening before 10 at night.

It’s the little things that I need to be faithful in each day, right?  If I get overwhelmed at how I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything, of course, I’m going to fail.  But take one little step forward and one more and yet another, and I’ll make progress.

Reading: Discipline: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot

Eating: what our family calls “Christmas crack” with dinosaur sprinkles on it.  The sprinkles were absolutely necessary, believe me.

Making: Starting to piece together Jubilee’s afghan.

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