We spent the weekend doing chores around the house, trying to prepare it for our first day of school on Monday.  Unfortunately, when we rewarded the kids for their efforts with a dip in the pool, one of the kids ran across wet tile and knocked four baby teeth loose.  Three have since come out, and we anticipate the fourth coming out any day.

It’s not exactly how I anticipated the school year starting.

In any case, we started.  Off with a bang…

Day one went really well. So well that I knew it was coming…

Day two…. well, let’s just say we have some kinks to work out.  And if I were a bartender, at lunch I would have been shouting “Apologies on the house.  Get your apology right over here!  Take one down, pass them around!”

I just wanted to post these pictures before I got too deeply enmeshed in the week.

I am so privileged to not only be these kids’ mother but to also be their teacher.

I get to be the one to watch their eyes twinkle.  I get to be the one to tell them corny jokes, sing loudly and sometimes intentionally out of tune, and do my best to bring characters from books to life.

I also get to watch them conquer things that are frustrating to them or challenging.

One thing I’m trying to incorporate this school year is to intentionally spend time at supper calling out the good we saw in other people.  Some days kids just get in a funk and you have to reach wayyyyyyyyy back into the broom closet of your mind to come up with something that’s honest and not condescending or sarcastic sounding.  But we do our best. And then there’s always the kid who either not-so-subtly asks “what did I do that showed God’s character today?” or who proclaims “Let me tell you what I did!” if you’re not quick enough.

Oh, you don’t have one of those?  Must just be me.

But I don’t mind.