Okay, I’ve blasted this one through the interwebs, so it’s not new to those friends who follow me on Facebook.


Life changed.

This library extension is amazing.  I can check if books are available from our local library just by entering into Amazon or other book sites.

So what I do to save myself time and money is browse books on Amazon, and then reserve them directly through this extension if they’re available at my library.

I don’t get any money for recommending this extension.  But it’s saved me literal hours of my time, and my kids have been loving the variety of books I’ve been reserving instead of my old standard safe picks.

Warning: may create rippling biceps from all of the books you carry back and forth to the library.


This one is available at my library….

Of note, if the book is available and you click the “borrow” button, it will pull your library’s online site up in another tab, and you’ll want to make sure that it pulls the right book.  Twice, out of one hundred or so books, it’s pulled the right title but wrong author.  (Both times, they were one-word titles.)  Overall, it’s been really efficient and effective for us.

Go out and check out some books from your local library!






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