I’m a multiple computer tabber.  And by multiple, I mean at any given time, I probably have bordering around 30 tabs open.

Back when internet was tediously slow, I was famous for “breaking the internet” too many times with my excessive tab fetish.  When Michael asks what I’ve been doing on the computer at night, I hem and haw and want to just point to my multiple tabs.

“Can’t you see I’ve been saving the universe one tab at a time?”
(Really, it should be obvious, right?)

Last night, I told Michael that my brain had too many tabs open. This doesn’t happen as often, but when it does, it’s time to batten down the hatches.  I have so much on my mind right now with Michael’s trip to France, our move from our house which requires sorting through ALL of our paperwork from the past ahemity-hem years, homeschool required testing, and some spiritual and behavioral concerns with my kids, amidst raising support for our ministry.
It’s a lot.
And throw in eating healthy while you’re at it.  Hello, 876 grain-free recipes at 11 o’clock at night.
(There are days when Pinterest just *works* for me.  And then there are days when I get worked over by Pinterest.)
At Bible study, we were asked if we had any prayer requests.  I shared one or two, but I had a small realization that if I wanted people to actually pray for everything that’s concerning me, it could take up an entire hour or more of prayer time.
I told my realization to Michael, and he shared that he had a similar experience, where men asked him why he always had prayer requests.  And he told them this simple statement:

“Because if you don’t have need for prayer, you’re not really living.”

Martin Luther famously commented that he had so much to do in a day, that he needed to spend the first three hours in prayer in order to get it all done.

So this is my challenge to you (and me) today: offload one of your mental tabs to the One who created you.

Spend time in prayer, acknowledging that while He will accomplish what concerns you, according to His word, He has also made you able to do everything that He requires you to do.  For me, the struggle is finding time for extra and intentional kindness amidst the busy.  God’s word tells me to be kind.  He’s made me capable to do what He requires.  So I’m going to spend time praying that God will show me specific ways to be kinder to those who are placed in my path today.

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