Doesn’t it seem like every time you have good intentions that something happens to punish you for actually HAVING intentions for once?

I’ve been getting Million to eat more vegetables lately.
I intentionally bought six different kinds of (frozen—being real here) vegetables for him to try.
He liked them.

A couple nights ago was lima bean night.
(Apparently I had forgotten or never knew that lima beans are some of Michael’s favorite foods.  Had to note it here, because that seems like something I would intentionally forget.)
As I was pounding the life out of the frozen chunk to get it into the bowl  gracefully creating our unique culinary experience for the little tender one in my life, all of the lima beans separated and flew all over the kitchen onto the floor.
I am nine months pregnant.
Bending down repeatedly to pick up eight thousand lima beans is not my idea of a good time.
I recruited the toddler.  And he started eating the frozen beans off of our kitchen floor.
And decided based on that first impression that he wasn’t keen on them.
And yes.  I did wash them off and serve them for supper.
Because I’m classy. And because gosh darn it all, I had good intentions, and they must be played out.

I tried making a healthified carrot dessert.
In the process, I dropped two 9-inch circular cake pans on one of my toes.  They weigh about 1-1/2 pounds together.
It’s been a week since I dropped the pans, and my toe just turned black and blue yesterday.  I couldn’t move it for awhile. I don’t think it’s broken, but I’ve never had one of my toes (and part of my foot) with a bruise like this.

And despite this all, I have the nerve to write my grocery list with more vegetables on it.
Maybe I should stick to fruit.  Fruit seems harmless, right?

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