Michael taught me to glue and nail crates this weekend.  This is the first crate I put together by myself.   (I didn’t do any of the sawing; that will be another lesson.)

We’re going to be participating in five craft fairs/art bazaars this year, four of which average 1500 to 3000 people in attendance.  We’re leaving the actually “big” ones that average 5000 or more people for next year.

We became DTE last Friday.  Right now, I’m occupying myself writing a list of 36+ fun activities that our family can do that are “out of the norm” to make each month of waiting fun.  I need to add in a buffer so that once we hit the three-year mark of waiting, I don’t spiral into some crazy lady vortex with no activities or purpose left.

Michael has requested that he and Million can construct a outdoor clay oven as one of them.  That will be on this summer’s docket.
Other examples are: visiting a lighthouse, going to a chocolate shop and watching chocolates being made, visiting a garden conservatory, going to an airplane show, etc.

The objective is to defeat the dreary and long wait with new educational opportunities for us to obsessively research about each month.  When I look back at our best waiting months from our last adoption process, I saw us in the midst of huge demolition projects in our home, learning to clean wool and spin wool into yarn, having an insanely large herb garden, and learning to cook Ethiopian meals.  Learning (at least for Michael and me) defeats the boredom which leads to discontent.

And if we can impress on our boys the fun of self-education and that The Wide World is an adventure waiting to happen, I’ll be happy.

What are some ideas of family-friendly-ish activities that you wish your parents were crazy enough to do with you or to teach you?


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