I’ve caught myself using the “almost” word when I talk about my kids.
Creedence is *almost* two months old.
Million is *almost* ready to give up diapers during his nap.
They are both *almost* into the next clothing size.

I need to stop thinking as much about the almost’s and start celebrating what my kids HAVE achieved and where they are right now.  It’s unfair to them to have a mom who is continually looking to the future and who is unable to fully revel in the present in all of its messy beauty.

Dear Million and Creedence,
I love you.  
You are the sunshine to my summer day.
Both of you are so uniquely special and different from each other. 
Mama wants you to know that on days like yesterday when “things went south,” I love you still.
I try each day to be a better mama for you both.  I fail at a lot each day, too.
Failure is okay, as long as it propels you in the right direction.
Let’s have a fun day today!  You can be the 2-year-old and the 8-week-old that you are. 
And I will be the mama who is grateful for where we are and who rejoices in each moment. 

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