I made it one of my goals this year to handle stress in a healthier way. As part of that, I identified three things which I know to reduce cortisol levels in my own life: crocheting, exercising, and writing. I’ve decided to become very intentional about those three areas in order to reduce or manage better the stressors that are sure to happen in this year.

I suppose it’s a bit wonky to be writing about crocheting–a bit like cheating, right? But I think it’s fun to look back and see what things I’ve been working on in different seasons of my life.

I realize I forgot to share the afghan that I made for my mom’s Christmas present. This was the Moorland Afghan from Attic24. It was refreshing to use her exact colours and exact order. It was a time of my life where I just needed someone to tell me what to do and when, and it was cathartic.

There was a lot of leftover yarn from that afghan, so I’m making up a bit of a baby afghan. It’s not flashy, but it is functional. I don’t have anyone in mind for it, but I just didn’t want that yarn to go to waste.

I’m planning a flashier bit of edging to make up for the rather simplistic design.

This next afghan is actually the yarn pack from Attic24’s Woodland blanket, but I wanted to make my own design with the colours. So I’m doing a corner-to-corner afghan, and it’s coming along quickly. It’s a fun and quick pattern, and changing colours every row makes it extra exciting.

This next one is one-quarter of a log cabin-inspired afghan. Pattern was, again, by Attic24. I changed the colors to be more subdued. The paper labels are becuase there are 16 blocks, and they are all different and have to be laid out just so, or the light-dark sequence will get muddled.

Aside from my crocheting, attempting to write more in my journal or here, and exercising, I’ve been reading significantly more. Current fascinations are how to improve brain health through naturopathy and healthy diet, researching a particular learning disorder that one of our children has, the ever-present parenting books, and books about getting rid of clutter. I also am trying to keep some fiction handy for when the mood strikes. So far, it’s been a restful-ish newer year.

I say that with somewhat of a sense of impending doom, as Michael heads off for a few weeks to France. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of progress to show you in a few weeks.

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